Well-planned processes secure high quality and environment

The Beijer Tech Group companies strive to be long-term collaboration partners for their customers and, therefore, put much emphasis on securing the quality in their own work and in their choice of suppliers. The larger companies in the Group are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 whilst the smaller companies have other types of certification with detailed guidelines for their high-quality workmanship. The strict demands on quality with regard to both products and expertise are reflected positively in the regular evaluations carried out by several of the Group companies’ customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Assuming clear responsibility for people and the environment is a natural feature of our corporate strategy. Read more about our Code of Conduct and what Corporate Social Responsibility means to us.

To read Beijer Alma´s Sustainability Report click here.


The Group’s environmental work focuses especially on two areas. The first is to make demands on the selected suppliers and work out joint strategies which minimise the impact of the products on the environment. The second is to take responsibility for the environmental impact in connection with the handling and transport of the products to the customer. Each company aims to reduce the impact on the environment and carries out evaluations of its operation as a basis for decisions about environmental certification, if any. For further information, contact Beijer Tech on info@beijertech.se.