The market’s most extensive product range in stock

Fluid Technology and Industrial Rubber is one of the Beijer Tech Group’s two business areas. In order to meet our customers’ requirements within this area, we offer well-tried products from several of the world’s leading manufacturers, products which we process and adapt to our customers’ requirements. In addition, we stock the market’s most extensive product range in order to ensure rapid delivery. The operation is carried out through the Group company, Lundgrens in Sweden.

Fluid Technology

We offer the market's widest range of fluid-tecknology products including:

  • hoses in rubber, plastics, composites and metals - for water compressed air, steam, oil, chemicals, hydraulics, ventilation, welding, waste gases, foodstuffs, cement, drainage, sewage and sludge, and for all applications in the food industry, agriculture, shipping, leisure boats, vehicles, fire-fighting, snow-cannon systems, drainage and well-drilling
  • industrial hose fittings in most alloys
  • fire-fighting fittings meeting international standards
  • systems for organised handling and reeling of hoses

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Industrial Rubber

The main product groups in this product area are:

  • rubber sheeting, profiles and rubber matting
  • cellular and sponge rubber
  • customized mouldings
  • silicone rubber products
  • wear-resistant rubber, polyurethane and ceramics
  • moulded products of polyurethane
  • O-rings and oil seals
  • engineering plastics
  • power transmission products such as V-belts, scored pulleys synchronous drive belts, multi-v-belts and conveyor belts of rubber, PVC and polyurethane
  • sealing solutions, adhesives, drying and absorption materials

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