Karlebo Gjuteriteknik AB

Karlebo Gjuteriteknik AB operates within the main product areas of Surface Treatment, Foundry and Steelworks & Smelters. Karlebo Gjuteriteknik AB sells machinery including die casting machines, moulding plants, sand mixers, sand chillers, chill casting plants, industrial robots and spare parts as well as peripheral equipment for these products. In addition, the company sells supplies mainly to the foundry and steel industries in the Nordic countries. Karlebo has an especially strong position within die casting foundries. The subsidiary, Karlebo HM Verkstad, carries out the servicing of machinery and equipment. The company also offers assistance with installation, lay-out planning and the manufacturing of specific machine parts or other peripheral equipment.

For further information about Karlebo, contact Peter Carlsson at +46 (0)40 35 83 00.

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