Productivity and competitiveness for industry

Decentralised business responsibility and a strong business focus are the cornerstones of the Beijer Tech group’s management philosophy. Our company has complete management functions that are responsible for operation and development of the business. Beijer Tech is a member of the Beijer Alma group, which because of its long-term ownership philosophy has successfully acquired and developed companies in a large number of industries.

Beijer Tech works closely and informally with each company, providing our expertise regarding strategy, results follow-up, IT/administration and finance issues. Despite having a very broad range of activities in the companies within the Beijer Tech group, all companies create competitiveness in a similar way by offering:

1) A high level of skills regarding the end customer’s total costs

Our companies have top-level skills regarding products, services and their applications, as well as how these affect the end customers’ productivity and total costs. We do not have the cheapest products, but we offer a solution that has the lowest total costs in the long term.

2) Customised offer

We offer a very broad range of products and services from leading suppliers to meet our customers’ needs. We also offer customised product refinement and special procurement within a large number of areas.

3) Right availability

Companies in Beijer Tech have a very high level of delivery precision and customer support adapted to the customers’ preferences. We are available to our customers when they need our products or expertise.

In addition to this, companies in the Beijer Tech group work to ensure high customer and job satisfaction. As a natural part of this, we give high priority to work on responsible entrepreneurship and the working environment. 

Beijer Tech in brief:

•Beijer Tech’s nine group companies are found at 15 locations across the Nordic region, and have turnover of around SEK 1 billion.

•The range covers more than 35,000 products within flow technology, industrial rubber, surface treatment, casting and steel and smelting work, as well as services.

•Market leaders within several product segments, e.g. industrial hoses and shot peening

•Sweden is the largest individual market and accounts for 80 per cent of sales.

•60 per cent of sales are to end customers in industry, and the remainder are OEM sales and sales via specialist dealers.

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